View Full Version : Error -10002 -1 converting MDAC25.msm

12-07-2001, 08:59 PM
Using ISWI 2.01 (no forum for ISWI), Open MSI/MSM Wizard:

I am trying to modify the properties of the existing MDAC25.msm (mostly to remove the DCOM95 bloat and the dependency, since no win9x machines are supported in my setup).

Steps taken:
- Enter Project Name
- Enter Data File Location

The wizard returns with a new dialog that the module has been converted. In the textarea portion of the dialog, the following is displayed: -10002 -1 <Data File Location>\MM.Cab.

There are no files, features or components showing in the IDE and MM.Cab is nowhere to be found.

Any hints on this?

Much appreciated,