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12-06-2001, 01:00 AM
Does any one know if the problem with IS 5.5.3 and IS6.2 where
InstallShield tries to load on Windows 2000 before checking if the user
logged in even has the rights to do so. [plain user, power user,
This is an issue on Windows 2000 when a plain user is logged in. If
the user double clicks the 'setup.exe' file, Windows 2000 will pop up a
'Login As Other User' dialog box, so the plain user could login as a
Power User or a Administrator and continue the install. If you start the
setup.exe from a dos command prompt or pack the install into a self
extracting exe, Windows 2000 does not pop up this dialog box.
IS5.5.3 just displays the following error message 'Setup has detected
that UnInstallShield is in use.'
IS6.2 just displays the following 'Error installing iKernel.exe (0xa00)'

Neither of these messages clue in the user what is wrong.

Does InstallShield 7 perform this same way?
An answer from InstallShield would be appreciated.

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--W2K will stop the user running any program called install.exe or
setup.exe if they do not have administrative rights. -- (
except from the command line or from self-extracting exe)

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