View Full Version : Giving my customer the ability to repackage sets of files?

12-05-2001, 01:00 AM
This is a question to all install developers. It is a general question so
I've posted it to multiple groups.

Let's say I have a created a setup to install a set of files to several
folders on my customer's computer, e.g. Library Files, Help Files, Template
Files, Common Files, not necessarily all to the same root folder. So I
create an Install, using Installshield, to set up these files.

Now, one requirement is that the customer needs to be able to change some of
these files, then repackage them so he can send the entire package to
someone, or reinstall on his client's machines throughout the office. This
of course is difficult because the files are scattered in many folders, so
simple solutions like WinZip will not work. Also, solutions like ISCAB are
not feasible because they are not legally redistributable.

How do I create an install, that allows this behavior? I was thinking that
I could use Data as Files option then have the user copy the updated files
manually to the source folders - but the ComponentMoveData will not like
this because the CRC is different. Then I thought of using XCopyFile instead
of ComponentMoveData, so there are no CRC references.

I would like them to be compressed in some way, not necessarily with
Installshield. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can accomplish
this? Is there any archive format that allows groups of files that will
end up in different locations?

In summary, I basically need a simple way of allowing the customer to create
"mini-installs" based on my own install, without any need for extra software
(it needs to be built into my program - i.e. royalty free, and it needs to
be as easy as 'pushing a button')