View Full Version : BDE Installation needs an alias to merge config files?

01-29-1998, 01:00 AM

When Delphi 1.0 was first released, we began development of a software
package using the BDE & Paradox. Originally we were using Eschalon to
do the installations. We were using version 2.50 of the BDE and when
version 2.51 of the BDE was released, we immediately switched to it.
Somehow, during the switch, we began shipping 2.51 DLL's and 2.50 config
file. We did not realize this until recently when our application grew
very large and we started experiencing GPF's on start up of the
program. Using the 2.51 configuration file allows us to change the
MAXFILEHANDLES setting which corrects the problem.

We are now using InstallShield Express 1.11a to do the installation. We
do not use it to create our aliases because of the problems we
experienced when the installation tries to add an alias that already
exists in the configuration file. We have written an exe to add the
alias and this allows us to have one set of installation diskettes for
upgrades and new installs.

Since we found the problem with the old configuration file, I figured
the optimal solution would be to distribute the correct configuration
and let installshield megre it with whatever configuration file already
exists on the system, or install it fresh if no other installations of
the BDE exist on the users machine. Unfortunately, I've discovered that
the config file will not be merged unless you define a new alias. I've
created a new "dummy" alias that forces the merge, but, as I'm sure
you'll agree, this solution could best be described as "gross!".

Thanks for any help,
Mark Reaux