View Full Version : Problems Sending disks via email

01-19-1998, 01:00 AM
Does this ring a bell with anybody?

On my hard disk I have a set of Delphi 3 app install disks (includes the
BDE), created using ISX v1.11.
If I produce a set of floppy disks, the installation on a target computer
is OK. However, if I send the disk contents via Compuserve (either to
another Compuserve user or to an Internet address), I have had problems
with errors such as 'error 42, unable to create directory', and 'error 3,
merging the Configuration file has failed'.

I am not compressing the files; I already experienced problems when I tried
to use WinZip 6.2 to create one zip file per install disk.

Am I missing something?????


Ian Hall