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08-28-1997, 12:00 AM
> Also We changed our company name, but the very first dialog, (xxxx setup
> preparing installshield wizard) shows previous company name. I have
> taken care for project property things. Also I made sure that the old
> company name don't show up in any where (script defines or string
> my media build looks clean to. I don't know form where it is coming from.

Media Build Wizard -> 3rd dialog -> Advanced button ->
Setup tab -> Application Name edit field.

It is written to SETUP.INI during media build.
Stefan Krueger

08-07-1998, 12:00 AM
Is there any way to NOT have ISX automatically update my registries with
the Automatic keys that it does, or is there any way to select which ones
automatically update and which ones not to???

Please help.

08-24-1998, 12:00 AM
I used a shortcut recently as I had the same problem, built a shortcut on
the cd which the user clicks and points to a subdir where all setup files
are located.

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Stefan Krüger <@> wrote in message <35dc8707.0@news.installshield.com>...
>Hallo Norbert,
>please see my comments below:
>>1) The autostart works, but is terribly slow. Most people are faster to
>>click on "Setup" than AUTORUN will start it, to the effect that they have
>>two installations running. Is there a way to speed the AUTORUN up?
>None that I know of. This is a Windows problem. But you can modify your
>setup script so that a second instance will immediately terminate.
>>2) Is there a way to put all files that normally are in the root dir. of
>>the CD into a subdirectory, EXCEPT setup.exe?
>>Background: Windows NT by default omits the extensions of "known file
>>types". Thus "Setup.exe" and "Setup.bmp" are both named "Setup". Now many
>>our customers "start" the bitmap instead of the program...
>No, but you can use put a setup.exe in the root that launches the real
>in some subdirectory. You can find such a tool on InstallSite
>Stefan Krueger
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02-23-1999, 01:00 AM
Hello Itai,

It sounds as though your automation has been imported by reference.
Automations larger than 4 MB are automatically imported by reference and you
should not exceed a recommended size of 10 MB. (For more info on Resource
Size Limits, see article Q102562 at our online Knowledge Base, address

For resources imported by reference, you need to be sure and include those
files in your distribution. DemoShield is only retaining a pointer with the
file name, not the file itself. You can put the file in the same directory
as the DemoShield Player (demo32.exe if you are distributing for 32-bit
machines) or in a sub-directory from the Player. If you choose to put it in
a sub-directory, you will need to follow the naming conventions set in the
Resource Manager for the tabs (e.g. all sound files should be in a
sub-folder named "Sound"). The only exception in DemoShield 5.4 would be
image resources which should be in a sub-folder named "Image".

Please let me know if you continue to experience difficulties. If so,
please let me know the file size of your automation and what version of
DemoShield you are using. Thank you.


Sheila Wiese
DemoShield Support

Itai Friedman wrote in message <36D2C4F8.4878573C@netvision.net.il>...
>I created few automations for my demo.
>When I am running it from my computer everything works fine.
>When I try to run it from other computer and need to run it from
>the demo32.exe file, instead of the automation I see a gray screen.
>WHY ?

04-18-2001, 12:00 AM
The Cdrom subkey stores configuration data for CD-ROM drivers and devices.

Registry path:

Autorun REG_DWORD 0 | 1

Default: 1

Determines whether the the AutoPlay feature for CDs is enabled. AutoPlay
begins playing a CD as soon as it is inserted into the CD-ROM drive.

Value Meaning
0 Disables AutoPlay.
1 Enables AutoPlay.

You must restart the system before a change to this value takes effect.


Bottom line: this feature can be disabled.


11-01-2001, 01:00 AM
You missed my question I think. I want to change the default key IS puts in
the registry without changing [ProductName].


11-01-2001, 01:00 AM
Sorry, looks like you are using a std setup project.
The key that is being written is done internall by
the system.

One way to change that is to paste the code below
in the OnEnd event handler in your script.


RegDBDeleteKey ("Software\\SISCO\\Schneider Gateway" );
RegDBCreateKeyEx ("Software\\SISCO\\MMS_UNITE_GTWY\\1.01" , "");


This is the only way to change the registry value. This key will be deleted
when you uinstall the product.

Ravi Mazumdar

"Dave Ludwig" <davel@sisconet.com> wrote in message
> You missed my question I think. I want to change the default key IS puts
> the registry without changing [ProductName].
> Dave