View Full Version : Application Modules How To Control Which Ones Get Installed

11-21-1997, 01:00 AM
I am developing a new software application which contains
modules - to be purchased separately by the user. I would like to
know how InstallShield handles the installation of separate
modules (eg a Report Module or Import/Export Module).

I want to be able to distribute all the modules on 1 set of
disks and allow the user to unlock the modules based on the
Registration code they enter.

I see 2 approaches to do this:

a) Develop the application so that the modules are actually
separate files and are only unzipped from disk if the user
has the correct Registration Number. This really isn't
practical from a programming point of view. I don't want to
alot of small EXE or DLL files.

b)During installation install all of the modules and run an executable
file which stores,in a file or database table, the application menu
settings. When the application starts, this file is read and only
those menus, for the modules actually purchased by the user,
are set to visible on the main interface. Of course some use may try to
hack their way into the database table etc.

I am looking for ideas on how to handle this scenario. Thanks.