View Full Version : Installing DLL's and other files in own directory

11-07-1997, 01:00 AM
I am creating an installation and have been using IS express 2.0, I am
investigating whether or not I can install my application, including common
dll's and ocx files (Files used by windows and other apps) into my own
directory. After doing a few tests it seems that a few of the DLL files
seem to fall into the following scenario:

Install App1 with Dll, Ocx files in Windows/system

Install App1 with Dll, Ocx files in Program Files/My App1/Dlls

(First install is still there)

If I then uninstall the second installation including the shared files it
uses (Which are in program files/my app..., not windows /system) the first
app does not work even though the physical dll's and ocx files are still
present in the system directory. I assume its a problem with the registry
updates done during installation

Can you help??