View Full Version : 3rd party OCX refuses to register with ISX2

10-22-1997, 12:00 AM

I am attempting to distribute a Visual Basic 5.0 project using
InstallShield's InstallShield Express 2.0 installer. All dll's and
ocx's that I am distributing with the application are being registered,
except for one called SQAOTE32.OCX. After the install, if I run
regsvr32 to register this file, it works correctly.

This file is a 3rd party control made by Rational Software. It's part of
their automated testing product called SQA Suite.

What could cause this particular ocx to fail to register? ISX does not
give any warnings or errors during the install; nevertheless, the file
does not get registered unless I do it manually after the install.

Thanks for your assistance.

Nick Caldwell