View Full Version : _INS0432 causes invalid page fault in kernel32

10-19-1997, 12:00 AM
Using ISX 2.0
Installing software which includes VB5 components.
WOks fine on my system and a raw system

2 problems occur on a users system:

(1) read only status for vbajet32.dll on users system indicated.
(2) after dialog 'updating registry..' a GPF occurs indicating that
illegal operation
_INS0432 caused invalid page fault in kernel32
recommends that user reboot but the msgbox is locked and the system
Requires a switch flick reboot.

Caused on two different Win95 machines.
Only thing common between the machines is that they both have
Quickbooks 7.0 and Timeslips software and have applied patches in the
last few months
Any similar experiences and/or clues?