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10-09-1997, 12:00 AM

You'll no doubt have heard me harping about VBDs before...

It would appear to be the case that the following registry data needs
to be present before you can use VBD files in any way.....






@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Plus!\\Microsoft Internet\\IExplore.exe\" %1"

Can anybody confirm or deny this (I ask this because nobody responded
last time -- it seems pretty obvious to me its required, but no KB
article mentions this).

My question is, how does one generate the last line ? -- i.e. what's
the best (i.e., most generic) way to find out where the IE EXE sits - on
both IE3 and IE4.

What component is normally responsible for setting this up ? Does the
Setup "Wizard" have anything to do with it ?



Ruben Bartelink
AutoDealing Software.