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09-30-1997, 12:00 AM
To whom it may concern,

I have had several responces posted back to me and have read several
other articles pertaining to this problem. I have tried them all..... I
do not think this is a Path Problem. I think it is a problem with
different verions of windows 95. I created the diskettes on using
Installshield Express Verion 1 and ran the diskettes on a client
machine. The client machine had Verion 4.00.950 of windows 95. The
diskettes were created using Windows 95 verion 9.00.950 B OEM. The
install failed on the client Machine.

I ran the same diskettes on a machine that also had Win 95 Version
4.00.950 B. The install was successfull. I think the problem is
different versions Windows 95 using different file systems FAT32 Vs FAT.

Any additional input would be usefull.

Ken Ruben