View Full Version : COMPOBJ.DLL out of date (1993 version on Win95?)

09-25-1997, 12:00 AM
I'm a registered user of IS 1 & IS 2
I have an installation I distribute created with InstallShield Express
A user somehow has COMPOBJ.DLL 10/29/93 on their WIn95 system
My installation includes COMOBJ.DLL 7/11/95
For some reason INstallshield does not update.
I assume it's due to some other installation they did which installed an
older COMPOBJ.DLL which has tained the well of the registry.
What should I suggest they do to get rid of their old COMPOBJ.DLL
My database programs will not run with their old DLL it gives an 'out of
date' error.

Thanks for any information

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