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09-25-1997, 12:00 AM
[ I hate the "practice" of writing HELP in big caps at the top of posts,
but in this case it rhymes.... :>>> ]

Yes, this is a repost, but I simply do not believe nobody has a clue on
this one -- Is the question unclear ??..........

Environment: NT 4 SP3, VB5 w/o Service Packs, MS IE 302


Doubtlessly, the topic of VBD files has been visited many times in this
group before.

I've been saddled with generating a setupwiz to redistribute an app
using the WebBrowser control to load VBD files.

The code ends up doing a WebBrowser.Navigate("........\File.VBD").

There's no association for VBD files on the target computer after doing
the install so IE proposes to download it -- which in now way
approximates the intended results.

The simple question is, how / with what does one perform appropriate
registration so the WebBrowser loads it correctly. Who or what is
supposed to perform the appropriate registration required ?

I've read Q167380 (the latest version at http://microsoft/kb dated Aug
25 97) and tried all the suggestions to no avail. It doesnt seem to
mention the requirement of the association anywhere....

The Setup "Wizard" doesnt seem to be able to get its head around it. At
the end of the day I'll be using InstallShield 3 (and shortly 5) to
distribute it, but then there isnt much point in attempting that until
it works with VBSUW.

Does there need to be a file association set up linking VBDs -> IEXPLORE
? What is necessary for VBDs to work ??

Any ideas whatsoever appreciated.


Ruben Bartelink
AutoDealing Software Ltd.