View Full Version : ISX2 not creating icon

09-23-1997, 12:00 AM
Recently installed Espress 2, upgrading from Espress Pro. Have the same
error I've run into with the old one - namely, the program doesn't want to
create some icons on Windows 95 systems. I created a 16 bit installation,
and did not want to create a seperate installation for 32 bit users. When I
specify the icon and run command, I edit the command line to the following:

qpw.exe /bc:\pbp\pbsplash.bmp [Program Files]\LINMACR.LIB

The reason for such a convoluted command line is as follows:

Qpw.exe fires off Quattro Pro for Windows.

/bc:\pbp\pbsplash.bmp specifies a "splash" screen.

[Program Files]\LINMACR.LIB opens the file I need to access from within
Quattro Pro.

When I test the installation on my computer (the one with ISX2 installed on
it), it always creates an icon. But when I try it on my test computer
(without ISX2 on it), it oftimes doesn't create the icon. BTW, I've also
specified a read-me icon that shows up just fine.

Any ideas??

Thanks in advance for the input.

Steve Smith