View Full Version : HELP - Cannot register MSVBVM50 (SP2) on NT 3.51!

09-23-1997, 12:00 AM
I know MS is probably the place to go, but... thought I'd start here
first, it's friendlier.

Anyway, we have a VERY strange problem. We built our app using ISX2.01
and use both VB5 & VC++ 5 (with Visual Studio SP2). All goes well on NT
4+ and Win 95. However, when we install on NT 3.51 machines (at service
level 4 & 5) we get an error registering MSVBVM50.DLL. Now, here's the
goofy part, the problem does NOT exist with pre-Visual Studio SP2
generated apps. In other words we can install pre-SP2 MSVBVM50.DLL no

Anyone else have this problem? Anyone know of a fix? I'm off to MS
land to see if they have any info. Will post if I learn anything

Please email as well as post as I don't check this newsgroup as often as
I should.



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