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09-23-1997, 12:00 AM
I am converting from InstallShield3 to InstallShield 2.XExpress due to the
fact that It can install the DAO and ODBC files that I need for VB5
applications. But I do have concerns. I currently have 3 developers on
the app now, and will have more later. All the systems that we use are NOT
exact, in that source files may be in different directories. Can the .IWZ
file use relative paths?

Also, is the .IWZ file the only file that I need store in version control
to recreate a setup, assuming all the files that must be installed (DLL,
EXE, OCX and their dependencies) are stored.

I have OCX files that have dependencies, how to I get InstallShield Express
to pick these up? Is there document for the format of the 2 INI files that
are in the InstallShield Express VB5 directory?

Lastly, is there a way that I can run InstallShield Express
programmatically. The system that we are building takes hours tom compile
the VB5 exe files, and I want to automate the process. All automation is
done except for the installer. Can this be done? (I did it with
InstallShield3 via command line, how about express?)


Chris Wagner