View Full Version : Error loading from file (31037)

09-22-1997, 12:00 AM
When attempting to run an application after having installed it with
Installshield Express 1.0 I receive an Error Loading From File. My
development machine does not have any trouble running this app and I have
found some PC's that do not have an issue. Unfortunately, I can not find
any at my client site that do. The error seems to ocurr when a form that
contains a masked edit control is being displayed.

I had VB5 sp2 on my development machine but un-installed it and put on VB4.
I realize that this could open a entire can of worms but did not trust VB5
yet to make import the VB4 app to VB5.

Has anyone seen this error and/or can anyone recommend a solution?

Thanks in advance,

Barry Schnell