View Full Version : TDBG5.0 and VB5 and NT4.0 sp3 and Installshield ex

09-18-1997, 12:00 AM
I can't get my install shield to correctly install your active x component
I have included the files:

While I use my install disks to install the application on my nt 4.0
machine, I recieive the mesage

The following files failed to self register... TDBG5.OCX

Then when I run the app I get the following message because of the ocx not
being realized by the app.

Runtime Error 429 active x component can't create object

If anybody can tell me what else I need to do to get tdbg to go through
install shield smoothly Please let me know. Do i need to add other files?
Is there files on my system that are outdated? Is this a shortcoming with
install shield? Do i have to use regsrv32.exe to manually register a dll.
What do I have to do to get tdbg5.ocx to be "seen" by install shield or the
app ?


TDBG is at; support@apexsc.com , Voice (412) 681-4738, FAX (412) 681-4384

Install Shield express@installshield.com , Voice 847-240-9111 , Fax

Note that Install shield has been lean on tech support with our company!

Also note that I have 4 other active x components that give me no trouble.
Among these axcive x components are; Pro essentials graphing utillity,
Rockwell Software RSData control, XArray, Crystal Reports, Apex Three D

Peter regez
Grace Engineering and Int.