View Full Version : Problem registering schedocx.ocx

09-15-1997, 12:00 AM
I am using ISX V2.01 and trying to distribute a VB4 application that
uses SCHEDOCX.OCX. This OCX contains the OLESelfRegister flag, so
that is not a problem. The OCX requires MFC42.DLL, MSVCRT.DLL,
OLEAUT32.DLL, and OLEPRO32.DLL. I have added a section to the
SWDEPEND.INI file in the VB4 directory under the ISX install like
the following:


I have placed SCHEDOCX.OCX at the end of the System Files section
and the other DLLs required are listed before it. Sometimes during
an install, I receive the "cannot register schedocx.ocx" message.
After completing the install and rebooting the machine, the OCX
can be registered by hand using regsvr32.exe without any problems.
I suspect that one of the DLLs that is required is not being registered
until after the reboot. How can I tell ISX to also wait to reqister
the OCX until after a reboot? Thanks.

John Hoffman
Pritsker Corporation

09-21-1997, 12:00 AM
I am having a similar problem. My program uses an ActiveX EXE component
that I developed with VB5, namely TASConn.EXE. Even though I include
this file last of all system files, it won't install on a fresh Win95
machine because OLEAUT32.DLL has not yet been replaced by the newer
version. Since this won't happen until reboot, is there any way to have
my TASConn.EXE self-registered upon reboot, specifically after
OLEAUT32.DLL has been updated?