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09-10-1997, 12:00 AM
Installing a VB4 product (SIM) using Installshield Express v 2,0,0,129.
The installation went through ok, but upon launching the installed
system, we got -

"This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down."

Feeling lucky we tried to run the new system again. This time we got -

"Error # 31037 was generated by SIM. Error loading from file. SIM
caused exception C0000006H in module MSVCRT40.DLL"

After manually copying the MSVCRT40.DLL file from another computer, the
program finally ran but we received new messages at different points in
the app:

"SIM caused exception C0000006H in module OLEADUT.DLL"
"SIM caused exception C0000006H in module MCI32.OCX"
"SIM caused exception C0000006H in module OLEAUT32.DLL"
"SIM caused exception C0000006H in module DBGRID32.OCX"

Once again we copied the individual files from one PC to this PC. After
this it seemed to run OK.

We have experienced similar problems (different files) on almost every
install. What could have caused these files to be improperly installed
on one PC but not others? Why doesn't the VBWizzard flag these files?

Is there any way to avoid these problems in the future?
This is an urgent matter since we are trying to deploy our product to
many systems, each with different hardware and software configurations.
We expected InstallShield to handle just such situations!

Help please ASAP.