View Full Version : Error 336 after installing app. successfully on WinNT 4.0

09-04-1997, 12:00 AM
I am using Installshield Express ver2.0 to disrtibute my application. My
application is Visual Basic 4.0. I am using various controls like
Crystal report, graph, Datagrid etc.

Problem 1 -

When I prepare a project using Installshield then it doesn't add
the dependent file of Crystal Report control. As I know these
files, I am adding them manually. My swdepend.ini file is okay.

Problem 2 -
After installing application on target machine, it gives an error 336.
Object server is not registered properly. While creating project, I
allow installshield to determine all necessary file. At that time it
shows message "Windows registry doesn't contain information for
"Olepro2.DLL". YOu will have to add manually".

I am not sure about dependent file of Olepro2.dll. It is also a self
registering dll.

How can I solve my problems ?


Dipesh Shah
Software Engineer
LeeMah DataCom
Email : dips@leemah.com