View Full Version : ISX freezes when registering installed files.

08-22-1997, 12:00 AM
I made an installation for a VB4-16bit program. It is being mainly
installed on Win95 computers. It seems to install fine on all other
computers except on a particular user's 486 computer that is also running
Win95.It gets into the "registering installed files" phase of the
installation when InstallShield freezes. This only happens on this one
computer that I've encountered. I am not seeing anything else strange on
the screen other than the freezing. After manually killing the installation
from the tasks list, the installed program doesn't run. I assume this is
because a file was not registered.

Before attempting the installation, I made sure all programs were unloaded
and all virus checking was turned off.

The OS:
It's the original version of Win95, not Win95a or Win95b. I have no idea
what updates, if any, are installed on that computer. Would the version of
Win95 make any difference?

Machine's hardware configuration:
486/66, 256k L2 cache, 540meg HD, CirrusLogic 1mb SVGA video running in
Win95 standard VGA mode.

At this point, that same set of install disks has been used to install my
app to many other computers, however, I was only able to test it on one
other 486 machine.

Since this problem computer is across town at a client's office, I have not
been able to spend quality time with it trying to figure out why it's
different from the others.

Anyone got any ideas?


Jerry Jackson