View Full Version : 16 bit target platform InstallShield Express/2 - .VBX problem

08-18-1997, 12:00 AM
Has anyone seen this one?

We are using the Kofax Ascent Capture product to scan/index/release
documents to a host upload program. We wrote our own release script
which uses a .VBX file (rsetup.vbx).

Looks like when we use Visual Basic 4.0 (16 bit) setup wizard to create
install diskettes everything works fine, but when we use Install Shield
Express/2 (16 bit target platform) and try to run our software we get
the error:

"Unable to load (or register) custom control RSETUP.VBX"

This is a VBX provided by the Ascent software but used by our

We are running under Windows 3.11 (and Win/OS2).

Does Install Shield register 16 bit VBX's with Windows properly?

Ben Anderson