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07-08-1997, 12:00 AM
I have also experienced a problem with installing RDO with a VB5 app. I
have the installshield also installing the ODBC files, but I think that the
failure of the RDO causes the ODBC files to not get registered also. Is
there a way to specify the order in which items are registered/installed?

If I move the RDO files to the bottom of the Group Files listing, will this
cause them to be registered after the ODBC files?

This install wizard was recreated off of a VB 4 install that worked great.
Now I am trying to upgrade to a VB 5 application using ODBC 3.x. If I
install ODBC 3.x first then the RDO stuff registers clean, but I would like
to do it all in one install script.

If it is possible to affect the order or registering the files, please let
me know.

Chad M. Hegerty
E-Mail: HegertyC@ee.net
Web: http://users1.ee.net/hegertyc

07-08-1997, 12:00 AM
Files are selfregistered in the order they appear in their file group.
You could move the RDO files to the end of the group by deleting
them and adding them in again.

Rajesh Ramachandran
InstallShield Corporation