View Full Version : ISX 1.11a Pro and 386

06-20-1997, 12:00 AM
Is there a problem with delivering on a 386. I have delivered a 16-bit
application on most Windows systems (NT, 95, 3.11) 486 or higher and just
tried to install on a 386 (which we have done previously). This time we
received a system Divide by Zero error and Installshield crashed (didn't
get to updating WIN.INI) or creating Program Group.

On looking over the current WIN.INI, there was a section by the name we
were adding.
Is this a problem.

Also, when UninstallShield deletes the Sections from INI files, it leaves
the section with no entries. This should be removed, simply by checking if
there are entries and if not delete the Hanging Section.