View Full Version : crystl16.ocx not registering

03-06-1997, 01:00 AM
I think I have found out why the CRYSTL16.OCX does not always register. The
SWDEPEND.INI that Installshield Express Professional uses is missing a
dependant file for CRYSTL16.OCX. It is called MFCOLEUI.DLL and needs to be
added to the dependant list for that control. You can get instructions on
how to do this from Crystal's web site


or just look in the knowledge base under VBX/OCX Issues-Other Error

I installed an app on 6 machines, four worked alright, but two failed with
the "control not registered" error. I changed my SWDEPEND.INI file,
recreated the installation set. Deleted all the previously installed files
from the client machine including CRPE.DLL and CRYSTL16.OCX, reinstalled
the application and it worked on the two machines that failed.