View Full Version : VB4.0a w/RDO & ODBC SQL Server problem

03-04-1997, 01:00 AM
I just started using InstallShield Express Professional v1.1a
yesterday and have run into a couple of problems. I have already
solved the "missing file" problem with ODBC installs (qfeupd.exe ,etc)
but now when I start my app I get an ODBC error that I can't connect.
I look back through the setup and found that the rdo .dll's and .ocx's
are listed in the "groups and Files" section, but I can't get the
Remote Data Contol check box to stay checked in 'general
options-objects for VB". It will let me select it but when I click OK
then go back in to it, it's un-checked. Why is that?


CB Irwin
Data Systems
AG of Ohio