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01-10-1997, 01:00 AM
Hello !!

Check this out : Our products are develped for 16 an 32 bits, but
sometimes people buys 16 bits application and install on 32 bits OS. So I
created instalation for VB 4.0 16 bits application and worked ok on Win95;
BUT the unisninstall shield doesn´t.
First time I try to uninstall this message appears :

DESETUP provocó un fallo de protección general en el módulo KRNL386.EXE
de 0001:00001a2a.
EAX=00000021 CS=012f EIP=00001a2a EFLGS=00000246
EBX=00000037 SS=2157 ESP=000066dc EBP=000066e0
ECX=00000000 DS=249f ESI=81570158 FS=0000
EDX=80a8397f ES=29e7 EDI=0000ffff GS=0000
Bytes en CS:EIP:
8e 46 06 8b 4e 04 81 e1 ff 7f e3 2e 49 26 8b 36
Volcado de pila:
0158ffff 0eea6704 00370021 29e70147 10fb0000 00000000 0000249e 00d70000
38d739fd 003738d6 13186732 00000267 29e70130 0000002c 29e7249f 001929e7

I wonder if this info is useful !!!

Next if i try uninstall again this message appears :

"Unable to locate log file delsl1.isu, uninstalation will not continue."

So I said : I made a mistake, do all this stuff again ... and guess what ?

You´re right, InstallShield overwrites my program, but adds a new icon
"Uninstall Cat 1"; due to the first instalation had no success.

Great !! I can not uninstall a program, that makes a lot of different

Do you know how to solve this problem ?

Thanks in advance

Ing. Oscar Hernández C.