View Full Version : Install Shield Express pro.

12-04-1996, 01:00 AM
I am proposing to upgrade the copy of IS supplied with VB4 to the
Professional version. But have a number of Queries.

1. I use a number of third Party .OCX's, including one I build myself,
which I would expect to be able to include in the auto. detect feature
of ISPro is this possible and can you point me to where I might find
this information.

2. I notice that IS Pro. does not support auto detect of .VBX files. The
projects I am currently building make use of a number of third party
...VBX's including ones I build myself. Would it be possible to includ
support auto detect of .VBX's.

3. I have noticed that a number of system files are incorrectly added,
during auto detect, from <windir>\system32, these are 16 bit .dll's
which only live in the <windir>\system directory. Is this a bug in the
version which has now been fixed?

4. There does not seem to be any application support for maintaining the
swdepend.ini and isdepend.ini files is this now supported in IS Pro?

Thanks in advance for your help