View Full Version : Dependent .DLLs not detected by ISE using Swdepend.ini?

11-15-1996, 01:00 AM
When I have ISExpress "detect" the VB objects in my app, it will add
those .OCXs to the Windows/System file group, but it does NOT add the
...DLLs that the .OCX depends on. Doesn't ISExpress bother to look at th
swdepend.ini file for this information & add the appropriate files, or
am I missing something? I updated the default swdepend.ini file in the
OBJS directory to reflect all the dependencies in the swdepend.ini file
located in Windows/System on my machine, but this did not help. I still
have to manually add all the .DLLs to the Win/Sys file group. Any idea?