View Full Version : problem on creating an 1-file self-extract installation file

11-14-1996, 01:00 AM
I have tried the isx 1.1 from your site. I tried to build an
installation from my 16-bit vb4 application for Win95 platform. The
following are the problems that I face:

1. At the configure time, I have check the uninstall option and choose
the 16-bit platform. However, isx never give me an uninstall
application automatically; I have to manually add-in the uninstall
(16-bit) application from the sub directory "Lang". I do not know
whether this is the right way or not.

2. I also want to modify the registry of win95. I did make the
necessary key entries before I build my disk images. However, I the
install time the registry key never get edit.

I have down load the document file from your site and follow it but the
problems are not solve. I also read your kb with sort by platform but I
can find any help. Thank you for your help.

Please email me at c.le@iscan.com or response for the solutions.