View Full Version : InstallShield Express problems (VB4 Edition)

11-13-1996, 01:00 AM
I have had the following problems with the VB4 edition of InstallShield
Express on my machine (Windows NT 4.0 Workstation):
1. It doesn't automatically add the Jet 2.5 DAO files I am using to the
Windows\System file group when I "review" my 16-bit VB4 project. Because
of this problem, I have to manually add all of them, which is a bit tedious
to say the least. It also makes me wonder if they will be installed
correctly because of the manual nature of the process and file ordering
issues for self-registering files.
2. It is also wrong when it specifies the path of 16-bit .DLL files. It
thinks that they are in my Windows\System32 directory rather than my
Windows\System directory. So, I end up having to delete and re-add these
3. It can get out of sync (i.e. behind) with the Windows\System file list
under certain circumstances when one switches between the 16-bit and 32-bit
...EXE settings under the General Options tab. This might be partly due t
the fact that it is looking in Windows\System32 instead of Windows\System
for the .DLL files.

Does anyone know of fixes or workarounds for these problems? I would also
like to know if they exist in InstallShield Express Professional version