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10-09-1996, 12:00 AM
I have a VB4-32 application which is distributed as a self-extracting
single file installation, created with InstallShield Express Pro 1.0.

It has been in distribution for a few weeks, and I have had a few
reports of a particular recurring bug for which I cannot see a solution,
but I can only think it has something to do with the installation

My program requires the Jet2 DAO support files, and the DAO3032.DLL file
is set to be installed into "<CommonFilesDir>\Microsoft Shared\DAO".
All other data access files are installed into "<WINSYSDIR>", including
the DAO2532.TLB file that resides in the <CommonFilesDir>\Microsoft
Shared\DAO on MY computer. These settings were all automatically
preconfigured by ISXPro.

On select installations, when the program is run and it first attempts
to open the database, an undocumented VB error code 3343 is generated
and the application halts.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, because for every report
of this bug, I'm sure there are five that go unreported.


Steve Clifford
Director, Product Development
Down To Earth Software Inc.

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