View Full Version : Using Express to Install Netscape & Visual Basic Application

09-03-1996, 12:00 AM
I have a piece of Front-End software which we install using Express.
We would like to have one installation that will install our software
(one disk) as well as the Netscape Dial-Up Kit software (3 disks).
I have tried launching the netscape setup (both as "setup" and as
"nsetup"), but the Netscape installation window titled "Setup" goes
away before the Netscape install is complete, so my install thinks it
is supposed to return and finish. It's very confusing to the end user.
Can I do this with Express, or do I need to go to InstallShield3 (and
can that product do what I want it to do?)

Bill Arnold
Applied Innovations, Inc.

09-10-1996, 12:00 AM
Oddly enough, I wrote an install program that, in the course of installing
the application, also installed the Netscape Dial-up Kit. If you install
the Dial-up kit on a clean machine, you'll find that there isn't much going
on. It would be a lot easier to install the files and record the changes
to the system configuration files yourself.

As I recall, there are simple additions to system.ini and, optionally, a
path addition to the PATH environment. BTW, I'm assuming this is the
16-bit version...

Leslie Easter