View Full Version : Missing ODBC Files in Distribution

08-21-1996, 12:00 AM
I am creating a distribution for a VB 4.0a professional application which
utilizes ODBC. The application itself works as planned (which makes me
think I have all of the various ODBC files that I need on my system), but I
am having trouble building a distribution with Installshield Express Pro
(Eval version 1.1).

When I go through the various dialogs to setup ODBC under the InstallShield
Objects for Visual Basic, everything appears to be fine... but upon
finishing the checklist and running the DiskBuilder I run into a file not
found error. With a little bit of investigation, by comparing the files
that InstallShield plans to include in the distribution vs. what I have on
my system, I find that I am short these files:


The question is... what do they do? where do I find them?, and why am I
missing them in the first place?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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