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08-03-1996, 12:00 AM
I just received InstallShield Express Professional today and decided to
give it a quick workout. When I build a 16bit install and try to build the
disk(s) the program reports that VAEN21.OLB is missing. I have scanned my
system for the file and cannot locate it anywhere. The file is one that is
automatically placed into the file list by InstallShield anytime you build
a 16bit installation. I tried using the "Generic Windows" install instead
of the one for VB but still get the same result. Has this bug been reported
yet or is this some strange thing that only I have had a problem with?

08-06-1996, 12:00 AM
> "Dale Haag" <dhaag@bighorn.accessnv.com> wrote
> I just received InstallShield Express Professional today and decided to
> give it a quick workout. When I build a 16bit install and try to build
> disk(s) the program reports that VAEN21.OLB is missing. I have scanned

This file should be on your system, if you have Visual Basic. This file
comes with VB4. If you select "Generic Windows", then do not go into the
"InstallShield Objects for Visual Basic" section. If you do, hit CANCEL.


04-13-1998, 12:00 AM
It occurred to me when I read this that I had never run the same build
twice. My first step when something didn't work was to go back to IS,
see if I forgot anything, rebuild, and then try it again. So I tried
installing the latest build a few times and picked up a pattern. At the
point where I have the script throw up a message box with instructions,
I am opening the BDE Administrator, editting my new alias, closing it,
then returning to my installer and clicking OK. This is the point where
the installer quits. If I just click OK without actually opening the
BDEadmin, it completes as it is supposed to. The only thing I can
figure is that editting the BDE config file mid-install must screw up
the install. I'll have to come up with another solution for that!


Eric Olson wrote:
> I had problems with my installer "disappearing" intermittently before. In
> my situation, I found that it had to do with InstallShield choking on
> locked files. But you mentioned that the problem appears and reappears
> with each "build", not each "install". Make sure you are doing a Full
> Build, rather than a Quick Build. And if you have a network and a test
> machine, I suggest running different builds under identical conditions so
> that you can isolate the problem as a build problem or an install problem.
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> Kimberly Kohler <kkohler@peapod.com> wrote in article
> <352E90B1.31EFC622@peapod.com>...
> > I am getting some really weird results from my installers!!! Perhaps
> > someone can shed some light on this.
> >
> > I have built an Installer in IS5.0 that is more or less silent. I have
> > removed all the prompts asking the user what type of install they want
> > and such as this is intended as a tool for our Internal Support
> > department to install our suite of business software on new machines.
> > They don't need to make any decisions - the install should be exactly
> > the same every time.
> >
> > All of the file groups and components in the installation are part of
> > the "Typical" Setup (there are no others), so all the files should be
> > installed on the computer. Some components are required by other
> > components. Here's the weird part. Just about every other build I do,
> > the installer runs as normal up to a point and then just stops. (It
> > doesn't freeze or anything, it just goes away as if I closed it but with
> > no error messages or anything.) When I look through Windows explorer,
> > several of my components (the two that are not required by other
> > components, I believe) have not been installed. Also, the program does
> > not appear in my Add/Remove programs dialogue, so I have to remove
> > everything manually. The next time I build the installer, everything is
> > there, even if I didn't change anything.
> >
> > Another oddity is that I have a point where my installation pauses with
> > a message box to let the use follow an instruction (setting a BDE Alias
> > in the BDE Administrator - I'm still having trouble getting the install
> > to do it properly) before resuming. When I am selecting the database
> > for the Alias, I pass through several of the folders my installer has
> > created and choose the database which was installed by my installer.
> > Then I click OK on my message box and the installer resumes. On the
> > occaissions where it seems to fail, the files which are missing include
> > the database I just selected and most of the folder structure I just
> > naviated through. I have even looked up some of the missing files in
> > Windows explorer while the program is paused and everything looks fine,
> > but after the installer disappears it is gone.
> >
> > Any ideas what could be up with this? It's just too bizarre and I can't
> > seem to detect a pattern!
> >
> > Kimberly
> >