View Full Version : How to let IA installer know where my jars are - e.g. modify classpath variable(s)

10-10-2018, 11:41 AM
not much luck on this
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In the Install sequence, you need to have a create folder action for <my iso location>/ourdata/lib/app_libs.
Then on this panel you should check the "in classpath" box.
The "ClassPath Settings" should be automatically updated with this new additional path.https://discord.software/ (https://discord.software/) https://downloader.vip/adobe-reader/ (https://downloader.vip/adobe-reader/) https://downloader.vip/itunes/ (https://downloader.vip/itunes/)

Thanks for your info (as shown in quotes above). The very first pre-install custom action uses classes from our application, so the classpath needs to be set early for this to work. Because we always had our jars and 3rd party jars in <jre dir>/lib/ext it was always working without any special settings. As for creating the folder I keep trying but it never lets me set the value part. Always / . I guess I am missing something about this whole thing.

Anyway I am going to keep trying. Any further help is always appreciated. Thanks again.