View Full Version : Best approach for mutiple releases with differnet INSTALLDIR for each release

10-10-2018, 10:56 AM
o the same approach for 32bit and 64bit can be used to create a Custom Field to override the path the files are installed to at run time by using release flags.

The problem I now face is that the 64bit files I create all have a ".NET Application File" set to [ProgramFiles64Folder]Release 1\File.dll
And I am overriding INSTALLDIR to the new location. This is fine for the 32bit files because they are all [INSTALLDIR]Release 1\File.dll VidMate (https://vidmate.onl/) AnyDesk (https://anydesk.vip/) https://mobdro.onl/download/ (https://mobdro.onl/download/)

I can't over type the .NET Application File value so now have change the Custom Action from overridding ProgramFiles64Folder instead of INSTALLDIR.

No better way to design the user interface for causal users like myself so its easier to setup and manage this?