View Full Version : LogonInformation Dialog User/Password Verification Failing...

09-24-2018, 01:16 PM
Hi All,

We're having a user that no matter what they try, they are getting the following message when attempting to navigate through the LogonInformation dialog(s)...

Invalid password. Verify that the password is in accordance with your network password policy.

I've been told that the Computer Browser service is running and that network discovery is turned on as well on the problematic system.

Usually when I have issues during testing, making sure those two things are running/enabled remedies any problems.

I've also been told in the past by support with regard to NetServerEnum...

"This is an old way of doing things…we should really update the code to use IADsComputer instead to pull straight from AD."

The install that is problematic now was built using InstallShield 2015 and I'm wondering if this mechanism has been modernized, changed, corrected in 2018.

Any information on what I should try or if 2018 hashes the user password with a new mechanism would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any help!!

UPDATE: The install is being run on a Server 2016 machine. They were able to use a local Admin user/pswd combination after changing the Local Security Policy.
Allow logon through Remote Desktop Services
Deny Access to this computer from the network – Removed Administrators and Local Users
Deny logon through Remote Desktop Services – Removed Administrators and Local Users

They still are not able to browse out to or use a Domain user.