View Full Version : Dump settings to a properties file

09-24-2018, 10:11 AM
Here is our situation:

We are automating build of installers. We are doing this by generating a manifest of the deliverables for InstallAnywhere 2013 to pickup.
I developed the installer in my workspace. I created the project file by running the gui and configuring it per our requirements.
Now I want to put it into production which means we will be building the installer from workspaces other than my own.
IA copies a bunch of resource files to where the .iap_xml file is such as .gif files, etc when the .iap_xml file is created. It inserts entries such as
<property name="userSplashPath">
https://cleanmaster.me/ (https://cleanmaster.me/) https://facebooklite.vip/ (https://facebooklite.vip/) https://mathway.vip/ (https://mathway.vip/)
I know I need to version control the xml file in order for someone in another workspace to be able to sync and run the installer.
Does that also mean I need to version control all of this stuff it copies over or is there a way for me to dump all of my settings to a properties file and use that?
Also, is there a way to get the installer to place these resources from just a command line build or do we have to run the GUI first?