View Full Version : Creating MSI/Installer that mimics basic Self-Extracting EXE

08-14-2018, 08:31 AM
We use InstallShield to package and distribute our software, this is done via an InstallScript Project in InstallShield. Occasionally with our software, like any other softwares, we want to distribute a hotfix/patch to resolve some issues very quickly. In these scenarios, we really only need to worry about replacing a couple of small files and avoid the overhead of dealing with versioning the software, so the style of a self-extracting exe is preferred, where is does nothing more than copying files where I tell it to. The problem with this most softwares that create self-extracting exes create packages that cause a lot of false positives in Anti-Viruses, but I have noticed that my full fledged feature updates in Installshield do not create such false positives.

This leads me to my question, is it possible to create an installer package in Installshield for an InstallScript project that mimics the lightweight nature of a self-extracting EXE?