View Full Version : SCCM distribution plugin: connectivity issue

07-17-2018, 11:24 AM

Using AdminStudio 2016. I've had SCCM distribution set up for the last year and it worked flawlessly up until last week. When I try to distribute an application via the Application Manager I get an error "A required process for this task failed". So I went ahead and checked the settings for the SCCM distribution plugin. Settings look correct the way I had them set up a year ago. However now when I click on Test I get the following error:
"Task DistributionConnectionTest could not be prepared for execution of request" and it also fails to connect to the share. That's odd, because I have no issue mapping the share with the same credentials and I have full admin privileges on SCCM server.

Any suggestions are much appreciated. Is there a directory with detailed sccm log files I can look at?

Thank you.