View Full Version : SQL Login Details used on uninstall

02-27-2018, 12:41 PM
Is it possible to display the sql connection dialog on an uninstall and use the server / database and user credentials (supplied there) to execute the sql scripts in the install that are marked for execution on uninstall ?

I'm looking for a way to detect that the sql server / database or user details that were supplied are no longer valid and provide alternative information or enforce skipping of the script executions.

We have seen occurrences where user machines have had their sql server names changed, login details (password etc) changed and wish to have the uninstall handle this.

I am aware of the 'IS_SQLSERVER_CXNS_ABSENT_FROM_INSTALL=ALL' command line option.

But we'd like the install / uninstall to be able to detect the fact the stored details are now invalid and allow new ones to be provided, or, to be able to skip attempting execution of scripts that would fail.

I would think this situation could occur for all installs with sql / database content and that a tried and tested method of coping with the problems would be available, but have yet to find it !

All help would be appreciated.