View Full Version : Data is the New Oil!

02-12-2018, 04:26 PM
The Customer Success Team at Flexera is working on content for an upcoming Learning Lab on our reporter capabilities through Incremental Data Extracts, Reporter and Web Services. What kinds of use cases would you like to see? Any particular reports you use regularly? What analytics would you find helpful?

Q/A from session:
Q: How do we change the name of a UDF (User Defined Field) to show what our field really is?
A: There is a Knowledge Base article on the community FlexNet Operations Reporter LLM - User Defined Fields (UDFs) (https://flexeracommunity.force.com/customer/articles/en_US/HOWTO/FlexNet-Operations-Reporter-LLM-User-Defined-Fields-UDFs) which has information for LLM customers. ALM customers can apply the steps in the document to custom attributes with exception of the standard report. Mapping for ALM custom attributes can be done by including the label and value in report results.

Q: Can the report information be exported out easily to be consumed by other systems e.g. CRM's?
A: Reporter has only the email option so the recommendation would be to explore the use of available data extracts more typical for integration with other systems.

Q: Does FNO-C also contain history data, so that a user could for example make a report of the activation/deactivation behaviour (how long fulfillment stays activated) over time?
A: Historical information and Device activation information is generally available in Reporter.

Q: Is it possible to restrict access to the shared folder for specific users?
A: User specific restrictions to the shared folders is not on option today.