View Full Version : Installer Text box is non editable sometimes in linux

09-19-2017, 04:44 AM
We are building installer in windows machine for windows platform and
Linux platform.

Version : InstallAnywhere 2013
JRE USED : Oracle JRE 8u92 Linu:@x64
Linux Version : RHEL 6.6 and RHEL 7.2

We are facing the issue in unix/linux in few machines and also NOT always. In fact sometimes it works in same machine.
I have seen the issue, when I access the remote machine through X manager.

When the problem occured, I tried keyboard input with other Applications, they work fine. (other applications in remote unix/linux machine)

Important thing is, it works in many machines and even same machines. I don't think, any thing related to iap_xml script has problem.

It would be great if anyone help me resolve this issue.

Thanks in advance...