View Full Version : appcomptranutil cannot return license (fulfillment) on vmare

Kang SeungKwang
06-20-2017, 12:11 AM
Now we testing online activation on client system.

we have problem on license return process on vmware and we tested it with appcomptranutil.exe

we can get license from FNO server using our software and appcomptranutil.exe

now we test license return process and we got different result on physical machine and vmware machine

on phycial machine we can return license to FNO server with no problem

on vmware machine we cannot return license to FNO server and we cannot solve it now.

verbose log show like this

<Reason>6023; Input parameter hostId of TrustedHostEntityBO.createTrustedHostEntityBO cannot be null [Incident# 1931-3198R]</Reason>

appcomptranutil can get license from FNO, and cannot return license only vmware.

Need some help plz.

08-21-2017, 08:24 PM
As per our activation record, you are trying to use the same license key on a different machine. TierDeveloper cant be activated on two different machines using the same license key.

Your License key has been reset so that you can activate TierDeveloper on one more machine for free. You can activate now.