View Full Version : Using Installshield to 'rewrap' multiple installers into one package...

06-05-2017, 09:11 PM
Hello, very new here.

Our company needed to get away from a custom rewrapper built using an obsolete software and they wanted to know what might be good. They decided Installshield would be the solution and went whole-hog.

Well, I'm a simple sort and the options available through Installshield are crushing. Right now all I need to know is to take several existing installers and wrap them together so that:

A) Main installer installs;

B) Updater/patch installs thereafter;

C) Update #2 installs.

Something nice and simple.

I'm not a script person but this was bought-and-paid-for so I'd like to start by understanding how to do something basic that applies to the tasks I'm faced with.

06-07-2017, 10:51 AM
Sounds like what you want to use is a Suite/Advanced UI type of project. They allow you to combine multiple existing installers into one entity. Might be a place to start looking anyway.