View Full Version : adding files with dynamic names to package on every weekly builds

05-29-2017, 05:22 AM
Hi All,
my project type is in Basic msi and I need to add two new files to project, now the names of the files are Filename100.1_x86_x64.abc and Filename200.1_x86_x64.abc, after few days these file names would be Filename101.1_x86_x64.abc and Filename201.1_x86_x64.abc , looks on every week these file names going to be changed as I got the requirement. how to add files with dynamic names to project and handle upgrades.
Can I create a component with a standard name like Filename1 and add Filename100.1_x86_x64.abc to it, for Filename2 also do the same,whenever I get the request to add new file name can I delete Filename100.1_x86_x64.abc from Filename1 component and add new files, in this case does minor upgrade work?

please help me.