View Full Version : LaunchappAndWait - Is /clone_wait necessary if specifying LAAW_OPTION_WAIT_INCL_CHILD

05-23-2017, 02:52 PM
We are building Basic MSI projects using InstallShield 2016 Pro Version 23, Service Pack 2.

In the install script several calls are made to LaunchAppAndWait function. In some calls the executable is specified on the parameter line while others calls the executable is included in the cmdline parameter. With all the LaunchappAndWait calls, the nOption parameter LAAW_OPTION_WAIT or LAAW_OPTION_WAIT_INCL_CHILD is specified.

Is it necessary to include /clone_wait to the cmdline parameter when nOption parameter is set to LAAW_OPTION_WAIT or LAAW_OPTION_WAIT_INCL_CHILD?